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A Home Birth in France May Not Be an Option

Depending on where you live, having a home birth in France may not be an option. Insurance costs are too high for midwives to deliver babies from the homes, so few are available nationwide. In some cities, you may find […]

Switching Private Health Insurance

Even though France has social insurance, having private insurance helps a great deal – especially when you are pregnant! I actually fell and broke my finger within a week of finding out I was pregnant, so we have surely been […]

Affordable Daycare in France for Children Over 3 Months Old

Yes, that is right! Single mothers or families with both working parents can rejoice, as there is such a thing as affordable daycare in France. The cost of daycare  (crèche) is usually subsidized by the mairie and calculated based on […]

What is a Baby Shower? In France, Women Go Without!

One of the cherished traditions in the USA that I was very much looking forward to is having a baby shower. I started imagining it in my mind not long after finding out I was pregnant. But to my dismay, […]