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Tips for Learning French in France Quickly

This week I finally went to the doctor without my husband! This was a huge accomplishment since I usually drag him everywhere as my personal translator. But not this time. I went alone and spoke to the doctor only in […]

Best Online Baby Stores in France for Selection, Price and Convenience

Most of these websites listed are in French. Do not be intimidated if you only speak English! Open the website in one window and Google Translate in another window. Then copy and paste snippets of text, or even the URL, […]

Finished Crocheting a Newborn “Coming Home” Dress and Bonnet Outfit

While it does not seem very popular here in France to have a special “coming home” outfit for the baby, I just could not help but to make something cute for my little princess for when we take her home […]

Le Livre Bleu is Valuable to First Time Mothers

A sage-femme (midwife) at the hospital I will be delivering at recently provided me with a little book called Le Livre Bleu: L’Enfant du Premier Âge. It is published by the Comité National de L’Enfance for public distribution. I started […]

How to Calculate Your Pregnancy Due Date in France

One of the first things I did when finding out I was pregnant was calculating my due date. In the US and UK, the due date is calculated by counting 40 weeks from the first day of the woman’s last […]