Learn French Easily with Online French Language Lessons


A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to get back into improving my French. I began reading the newspaper each morning and watching more television. I wanted to start back up with my Pimsleur audio series, but I am too scatterbrained right now (last month of pregnancy) to really focus on its lessons.I came across the FrenchPod101 last week and am really enjoying it, … [Read more...]

Tips for Women Entrepreneurs in France for Starting a Business


When starting a business in France, it is important to solidify your business idea, register it with the appropriate offices and find a support group. Be prepared for obstacles and be open to advice from other French business women.Finding a job in France is getting even more difficult. The headlines in our local paper a few days ago stated that unemployment has risen … [Read more...]

Obstacles to Starting a Business in France


It is not a secret that starting a business in France is a challenge. There was an article on CNN Money about how talented young entrepreneurs are leaving France to open their doors in more business-friendly areas, such as Silicone Valley, CA. My husband even tried to convince me that we should move to the UK!There are many theories to why entrepreneurs are leaving France, … [Read more...]