Archives for August 2011

Our First Cours de Preparation Pour Naissance with the Puéricultrice

Today we went to our first cours de preparation pour naissance (birth preparation course) with one of our hospital’s puéricultrices (children’s doctor). This is an optional class that is covered by social security and I definitely recommend you taking advantage […]

Learn French Easily with Online French Language Lessons

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to get back into improving my French. I began reading the newspaper each morning and watching more television. I wanted to start back up with my Pimsleur audio series, but I […]

Tips for Women Entrepreneurs in France for Starting a Business

When starting a business in France, it is important to solidify your business idea, register it with the appropriate offices and find a support group. Be prepared for obstacles and be open to advice from other French business women. Finding […]

Obstacles to Starting a Business in France

It is not a secret that starting a business in France is a challenge. There was an article on CNN Money about how talented young entrepreneurs are leaving France to open their doors in more business-friendly areas, such as Silicone […]

Choosing a Business Legal Structure in France for Starting a Business

Choosing a business legal structure in France for starting a business is no simple task. There is so much to know about the different legal business types in France that it is impossible to fit it all in this little […]