Bringing an Infant or Child to a Restaurant in France is Unusual

Sunday was another beautiful day and we decided to end it by going out for a nice dinner in Bayeux. There was a restaurant that we  passed by earlier in the week that we knew we would have to try out called Lion d'Or. After having a wonderful 3-course dinner, I looked around and realized that there were no children. Yes, it was a bit fancy but it was the only restaurant at this hotel.Then it occurred to me that I could not recall the last time we have eaten out and saw children in the restaurant. Either the kids are very well behaved or their parents leave them at home.This lead to a … [Read more...]

Strikes Today in Education will Close Schools Throughout France

Public and private sectors of education are uniting today in a strike against the “degradation” of schools. The unions are striking against the draft for the 2012 budget that will eliminate 14,000 positions nationally. This means from 2007 to 2012, there will be a combined total of 80,000 positions eliminated.It is estimated that 20.5% to 54% of primary school teachers will go on strike today. There will be 100 events throughout the country and a parade in Paris at 2:30pm. They expect at least 90 schools in Paris alone to be closed. It is not uncommon for teachers to go on strike in late … [Read more...]

Small Village of Lantheuil in Lower Normandy, France – Photo Tour

It as a beautiful day for a walk through Lantheuil, so I grabbed my camera and finally photographed my new neighborhood. After living in Normandy for almost 4 months, I have learned that when a gorgeous day comes along you better take advantage of it fast!As of 2008, there were only 664 people living within this village of 1.71 square miles. It is one of those places where the neighbors all know each other and you see them congregated outside each others homes throughout the day. Everyone is very friendly and I get smiles and nods as I pass by. I was very uncomfortable walking around since … [Read more...]


Free French Word of the Day Emails

Words are advanced beginner to intermediate level, so you will not learn how to count to 10 or say “bonjour.”In each email, you will receive the following to help you commit the word to memory:Definition in English Audio pronunciation by a French native speaker Two sentences using the word or phrase with translation Photograph taken by me in FranceA new word is sent Monday through Friday.You can subscribe to receive a daily email by entering your email address and first name below, or you can receive it by RSS, Facebook, or Twitter.Please enable JavaScript Privacy … [Read more...]

Our Second/Third Cours de Préparation Pour Naissance with a Sage-Femme

This was technically our second time going to the cours de preparation, but it is the third class in the series. We missed our first class due to a misunderstanding of location.The first class we went to made me feel comfortable and positive about what is in store for us on the big day, yet this recent class did quite the opposite! Now I am more nervous and anxious than ever before.The purpose of this third class was to show us the different positions we could choose from to deliver. When we first toured the hospital with a sage-femme in June, I was told that I could use a birthing … [Read more...]