Giving Birth in France

Giving Birth in France – My Birth Story

On October 6, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the small city of Bayeux in France. Juliana was born on her French due date and not a moment sooner than she was ready. We had an eventful, long and difficult labor – of which, I have mixed feelings about my experience at this French hospital.Early afternoon on October 6, my husband’s mother was visiting us to help clean and bring me one of her delicious homemade tarts. … [Read more...]

Final Cours de Preparation Pour Naissance with a Sage-Femme

We attended the 4th and final cours de preparation pour naissance (birth preparation class) with a sage-femme (midwife). I left this class feeling much more relaxed than I did with the last session. This time we discussed different positions for laboring and what to expect during my 4 or 5 day stay at the hospital.The sage-femme had us practice different positions for easing the pain of going through labor with a birthing ball and boppy. The positions were comfortable and I enjoyed one where my husband sat on the ball while I sat in front with my back to him and my arms stretched up and … [Read more...]


10 Tips for Moving to France from the USA

Moving to France was one of the most exciting and exhausting experiences of my life. I packed things I didn't need and left behind things that I wish I brought. I had unrealistic expectations about how fast I would learn French, and what life would be like once I arrived. Do not expect to do things the same way, or as quickly, as in the US.My biggest shock came when setting up a bank account. I am charged monthly fees for having a debit card and I will have to pay 35 euros for a replacement if lost or damaged. The bank will not be responsible for fraudulent charges to my account, which is … [Read more...]