Archives for December 2011

Opening a Checking Account in France with a French Bank

After living in France for over 1.5 years, it was about time for me to open a bank account. I have been delaying this out of pure laziness. All the money I make goes into my US bank account and […]

Balancing Work and Motherhood in France

As you may have noticed, I have not been consistently writing since my daughter was born. In fact, I only wrote one in October and nothing in November. Finally, I am getting back on the wagon. I received 77 days […]

Switching to a French Spouse Visa – Part III

Switching to a French spouse visa from a student visa has been quite an ordeal! It is unbelievable that now, almost 6 months later, I have my spouse visa. (Read Part I and Part II) We talked to countless people […]

Taking Parenting Advice from My American or Husband’s French Family

I wrote an article before giving birth about the French parental style. After giving birth to my daughter, I realize now that I must clarify something in my last post about French parental styles. The French do not judge other […]

Flying with a Newborn From France to the USA

After months of anticipation, we finally did it! We flew with our 6 week old from Paris, France to Orlando, Florida USA. We went to the mairie of the city where she was born and applied for her French passport […]