The Key to Learning French if You Are Married to a Frenchman

Since black mold took over our house in Normandy, we had to move in with our mother-in-law until we can move into our new place in the south of France. While staying with my husband’s mother, I learned the key to learning French – live with your mother-in-law!I lived with my husband in the USA and Canada before moving to France, and we have grown accustomed over the years to speaking to each other in English. When we try to work on my French, we would speak a few sentences in French and then slowly end up speaking in English again. … [Read more...]

Making a Quick Get-Away to the South of France

After discovering that black mold has been flourishing in our house, we moved out immediately and are staying with my mother-in-law. Instead of searching for a new place to live in Normandy, we have decided to make a fresh start down in the south of France.We were planning on moving to the south on June 1, so we are really only moving up the date a little. Our intention was to only live in the north for one year since we wanted to be around family when our daughter was born. This is our first child and it would have been lonesome without any loved ones to share the occasion with us. … [Read more...]

Giving an Inhaler to an Infant for Breathing Problems in France

Life is hard enough when your child is not feeling good, it is unbelievable when the doctor says that your child is also having breathing issues. We recently found out that our house rental was infested with black mold and it was causing Juliana and I to be sick. My husband has also been showing some issues with coughing and had bronchitis about 6 weeks ago. We moved out but we have been living there for 6 months and I am sure the problem was there from the start - only invisible.Juliana is 3 months old and already she must use an inhaler. The doctor prescribed her two different strength … [Read more...]

Chest Physical Therapy for Infants with a Kinésitérapheute

Exposure to black mold has caused my daughter and I to have severe congestion. There is not much that could be done for us besides moving out of the house. Our doctor prescribed Juliana 6 sessions at the kiné (physical therapist) and an inhaler with two different strengths of medicine.Before entering the office of our kiné, I told my husband that I needed to understand completely what he is going to do to her before he touches her and not to get upset if I refuse treatment. I was scared of her getting hurt. The kiné was very nice and understanding. When he described the procedure, it did … [Read more...]

Black mold infested my house in France

Black Mold Infested Our House in France

I have been sick for 5 weeks and my baby has been sick for over 1 week. We thought I had a cold and passed it on to Juliana, not realizing our house was infested by mold.Moisture is dripping from several spots on the ceiling, nourishing large patches of black fungus. Behind my husband’s office door is spot about 1 foot wide by 2 feet high. The wall is  so waterlogged that his door no longer closes. Our bedroom only had water spots – but the mold swiftly started growing there too. It is also on the ceiling in the hallway, under the kitchen sink and around every window.My husband’s … [Read more...]