Where to Live in the Southeast of France?

Small Village South of France Banon

My husband and I decided to move to the southeast of France after spending almost a year in Normandy. So far, in France we have lived for 2 months in Marseille, 9 months in Bordeaux and 9 months in Lantheuil.  After all this moving around we are finally looking to settle down somewhere for at least 2 years. We both work online so we can live wherever we want, as long as there … [Read more...]

Favorite Books for Learning French and Improving Reading Comprehension

Over the years, I have purchased countless books to try and learn French. I used to go to the bookstore Barnes & Noble to relax and each time I was there, I would feel guilty for not bringing a French book to study. So I would go ahead and purchase another book. I had quite a library of learning French books at home before having to sell everything when I moved to Montreal … [Read more...]

Chambre d’hôtes de la Croze – Near Mâcon, Tournus and Cluny

chambre d'hotes de la croze b&b bed and breakfast

On our trip from Caen to Banon, we decided to stay overnight in a chambre d’hôtes (B&B). Before deciding on staying at a chambre d’hôtes, I searched online for a hotel. All the hotels I came across either had negative reviews about things that were important to me or were very expensive, especially adding on the cost of parking, breakfast and Internet. The cheapest hotel we … [Read more...]

French Public Bathroom Instructions for Women – I Am to Do What?


France is full of mysteries and adventures, even when it comes to using some of its public toilets. I have never seen anything like this in the US, and you will never find instructions posted in the stalls. So what are you to do if you open a bathroom stall to find a hole in the floor and what looks like immoveable white petals? I immediately exit and search for a place with a … [Read more...]