Archives for February 2012

Where to Live in the Southeast of France?

My husband and I decided to move to the southeast of France after spending almost a year in Normandy. So far, in France we have lived for 2 months in Marseille, 9 months in Bordeaux and 9 months in Lantheuil.  […]

Favorite Books for Learning French and Improving Reading Comprehension

Over the years, I have purchased countless books to try and learn French. I used to go to the bookstore Barnes & Noble to relax and each time I was there, I would feel guilty for not bringing a French […]

Chambre d’hôtes de la Croze – Near Mâcon, Tournus and Cluny

On our trip from Caen to Banon, we decided to stay overnight in a chambre d’hôtes (B&B). Before deciding on staying at a chambre d’hôtes, I searched online for a hotel. All the hotels I came across either had negative […]

French Public Bathroom Instructions for Women – I Am to Do What?

France is full of mysteries and adventures, even when it comes to using some of its public toilets. I have never seen anything like this in the US, and you will never find instructions posted in the stalls. So what […]