Our Slice of Heaven in Provence – After

So now that you've seen the scary before pictures of our little retreat, here are some of the after photographs. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I never took any official after shots of the house! Most of these pictures I still see work that needed to be done. So please excuse the messes in these photos... you weren't supposed to see that ;)  Next time we return there, I'll have to retake these photos so you can see what it truly looks like now. There are two bedrooms upstairs - one is ours, and the other was for the kids to share (it is huge). The two bedrooms downstairs are our … [Read more...]


Our Slice of Heaven in Provence – Before

Our first home purchase in France turned out to be an amazing success. The home owner moved out of the country and was desperate to sell, our realtor was knowledgeable and always happy to assist, and the house had no major problems. Not to mention, we were given the keys over a month before the closing so we could start our renovations! A bit risky, I know, but we really wanted to get some stuff done before I gave birth. The really great side of this was, we were fully confident that the house didn't have any major problems at the time of signing. I got to thoroughly test the electric, water … [Read more...]


Lets Begin Again

It's hard to believe that it's been well over a year since my last post. As you can imagine, after the arrival of baby number 2 and purchasing our first house in France, things became a little hectic. I'm not sure where to begin. Life is full of many twists, turns, and surprises - and mine is no exception. Would you believe me if I told you that we're now living in Normandy?Time has passed so quickly, I can hardly believe that my little girl has started school and my son is starting to talk. Juliana turned 3 years old in October and started going to school in the mornings from 9am until … [Read more...]


Meet Our New Son

This post is very late! Things have been a bit crazy between his birth, and buying and renovating a house. But more about that later... now is time for you to meet our newest addition to the family.My due date was June 19th, however, my son was growing larger than my daughter was at the time of her birth - he was already 3.7 kg on June 12th. I had been walking for an hour every day over the past month, hoping he would come a little early.My OB/GYN gave me the option of separating my membranes to see if I would go into labor sooner than later (not painful and no drugs involved). … [Read more...]

Buying and renovating a house in Provence

We’re Buying a House in Provence, France

And yes... it's a fixer-upper! There's a funny story behind this. My husband and I decided we would move near Avignon so we could live closer to the TGV (train). This would make traveling to see his family much easier. Our son is due on June 19th (French due date), then we were planning to visit family in Normandy in September, and then my family in Florida in November. We thought it would be best to move near Avignon around February 2014 - after all our trips.Our babysitter qualified to become an assistant maternelle, so we visited her home. My husband was impressed with the size her … [Read more...]