Meet Our New Son

This post is very late! Things have been a bit crazy between his birth, and buying and renovating a house. But more about that later... now is time for you to meet our newest addition to the family.My due date was June 19th, however, my son was growing larger than my daughter was at the time of her birth - he was already 3.7 kg on June 12th. I had been walking for an hour every day over the past month, hoping he would come a little early.My OB/GYN gave me the option of separating my membranes to see if I would go into labor sooner than later (not painful and no drugs involved). … [Read more...]

We’re Buying a House in Provence, France

And yes... it's a fixer-upper! There's a funny story behind this. My husband and I decided we would move near Avignon so we could live closer to the TGV (train). This would make traveling to see his family much easier. Our son is due on June 19th (French due date), then we were planning to visit family in Normandy in September, and then my family in Florida in November. We thought it would be best to move near Avignon around February 2014 - after all our trips.Our babysitter qualified to become an assistant maternelle, so we visited her home. My husband was impressed with the size her … [Read more...]

I’m 9 Months Pregnant – Wow, Time Flies!

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post! This pregnancy has been a blur. I'm not sure where to begin, and maybe this is why it has taken me so long to finally make a post. So here's a quick summary of where I'm at...All my monthly appointments with a sage-femme (midwife) have been reassuring. No problems with the baby and I've been gaining the appropriate amount of weight. If you're a longtime reader, you may remember that I gained WAY over the regular amount with my last pregnancy. I'm now in my 9 months and am still active, energetic, and feel good.Ultrasound … [Read more...]

Rent or Buy, Provence or Gironde?

These are questions going through our minds as we wait for our next little one to enter the world. We were supposed to move to Challans in December to live closer to my husband's family in Normandy. We decided to stay in Provence until the baby is born because it would have been too stressful - move across the country to a temporary month-to-month house while house hunting, and then buying furniture (we've only lived in furnished apartments/houses over the past 2.5 years in France). And now after passing it by, we're thankful because the weather there is very similar to Normandy.We know we … [Read more...]

Quick French Grammar Tips

Being married to an ex French teacher has its advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, he's always correcting me. It was greatly appreciated at the beginning, and now it has become annoying. Most of what he tells me I've already learned, yet I have forgotten at the moment.I created a new blog to provide quick French grammar tips. French Grammar Girl is for people, like me, who need reminders and don't have time to go through an entire grammar book.I still have some work to do on the look of the blog. If you've been a reader of French Mamma for some time, then you know I'm … [Read more...]